''I want to use all the talents , the universe has given me.''

''I want to use all the talents , the universe has given me.''

I taught myself how to sing at the early age of 10. My parents bought me a microphone set for christmas and that's when things started. The neighbours could hear me sing all day and night long.  I was raised with the sounds of Anastasia, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin timberlake ... and so on. But when I turned 21 I finally found my own voice and genre. I know now that being on stage is where I belong and where I want to be. My voice is my heart. And as my tattoo beautifully explains "Je chante et j'écris pour étancher la soif de mon esprit." I am a woman of many talents and I'm too ambitious to give everything I have in me in only 1 life. 

But still... I know if I die one day and I stand before GOD I just want to be able to say I used all the talents that the universe has given me.


    Influenced by international singers, I learned how to sing at the early age. Recording my voice on the tape of an old mini radio and listening to myself over and over again, I improved my skills. Throughout the years I've got a lot of experience and a lot of fun. Still I am not where I want to be. I’m an UNSIGNED artist discovering my way in the music business knowing there’s a lot of false hope out there, not willing to give up. I WILL MAKE IT.

    2006 : Eurosong for kids

    2008 : Supporting program of ‘The Glamourous Tour’ of Natalia

    2012 : The Voice Of Flanders Liveshows

    2014 :  Eurosong

    2016 : EP release of ‘Lioness’ , 8 self written songs in collaboration with friends in the Music industry.

    2017 :   Managing her own fitness brand called ‘The Lifting Lioness’ consisting out of supplements and clothing. Making her own way…. What’s yet to come?!


    My voice was given to me from a higher cause. When I’m on stage I feel like I’m flying. Like this is the reason why I was put upon earth. To share my songs, my words, my feelings with all of you who like me for me. Using my voice gives me such a big amount of energy and emotion. When I was a little girl I used to teach myself how to sing by locking myself up in my room with my recorder. I used to listen to Anastasia , Christian Aguilera & Lara Fabian. Everytime I couldn’t hit those notes I litterally went crazy and I couldn’t go to sleep before I hit the right notes. So I practiced , on and on and on…


    My body is my temple and I take care of it with my heart and soul. What we are capable of mentally and physiqually is something extraordinary and unbelievable so I want share my knowledge with you guys and change lives for the good. Take a look on the website and get to know what I do.



    Going through the motions and emotions I need to write down what I feel. I’m a poet. And as one of my tattoos beautifully explains :

    ‘Je chante et j’écris pour étancher la soif de mon esprit’

    Please listen carefully to my ‘Lioness’ EP and hear the stories behind the songs. All selfwritten.

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